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Spend $150 and you will be sent one of three copies of a book written by Rex Jaeschke (while supplies last). Click for details.


"Rex is a great instructor. Not only does he possess a deep knowledge of programming languages, but he knows how to teach them in a way that is interesting and entertaining.

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Moneyback Guarantee

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Self-Paced Training, E-Courses, and Tutorials

Attending a class on programming can be quite costly. After paying for the instruction, travel costs and other logistical items, you can easily run up a bill of several thousands of dollars. And often times public classes are cancelled due to insufficient registration. By using the training materials provided by ProgrammingClassroom.com, you pay a small fraction of that price, and you set your own training schedule and location.

Programming Classroom brings you quality programming e-courses written by acclaimed seminar leader and designer, Rex Jaeschke. You can use these courses to teach yourself new or advanced programming topics at your leisure. These are revised versions of the exact same materials Rex has taught from for many years with great success.

For each of our courses, you have may have up to three purchase options: the e-book plus all the source code, the e-book only, and the source code only.

Courses Available

In addition to purchasing e-courses, Programming Classroom is also offering a sampling of free Tips on various programming topics in a number of different languages. New tips will be added on a regular basis. There is also a News site that you can read and optionally subscribe to in order to stay up-to-date on what is happening with Programming Classroom, including specials and new offerings.